Cookie Consent by Interview with L. Goshko – Peptiline


In her recent interview, L. Goshko, who won first place in the IFBB European Bodybuilding Fitness tournament in Spain, said that the peptide complex BCAA IPH-AGAA from Ideal Pharma played a special role in her training process. Its action is based on the union of BCAA amino acids with short peptide IPH-AGAA, which accelerates the metabolism in the muscles, promotes the growth of new muscle cells and increases the efficiency of BCAA.

Mrs. L. Goshko has used BCAA IPH-AGAA for years. In their opinion, peptide complex of the company Ideal Pharma was one of the factors of their victory. Currently, the athlete is preparing for the fall of 2018 and is in plans for 2017 - to become world champion.