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Interview with Veronika, 3 times German Champion in Latin American Dancing, finalist of the World Championship, winner of the first season ,, Got to Dance '' ...

Reporter: How did your dancing career start?

Veronika: One day my mother brought me to my current dancing school to try it just for fun. Since day one I just loved it and my partner and me achieved big successes which had increased more and more. From time to time this kind of sport became the most important part of my life and the greatest passion I could practice just because of my parents, for what I am the most grateful.

Reporter: Why did you decide this kind of sport?

Veronika: I cannot describe it but it was just an activity which gave me so much love and passion like nothing else did.

Practice, dresses, make up, people, traveling and the successes gave me so much positive feelings.

Reporter: Which successes and competitions did stay the most in your memory? Which medals are the most important for you?

Veronika: Definitely the world championship in Moscow. We put so many positive thoughts, practice and time in this special competition like never before.

The days before the championship I only lived for that one day and I was looking so much forward.

We achieved our goal reaching the final which we dreamed about our whole life and after the big problems on the airport because of the visa it makes this experience unforgettable.

Thats the reason why the cup of that final is of course the most significant for me.

Reporter: Do you take some stimulating medicaments before the competition?

Veronika: No, I try to live a constant healthy lifestyle for gaining the most important substances for my body, what is quite hard nowadays.

What I found a few time ago and what is for me personally a pretty good option, are peptides. There are so many different kinds of `supporter` in a very healthy way which made an improvement in a physical and energetic way quite visual after a few time.

Reporter: What do you except with your sport in the future?

Veronika: What I always dreamed about after a successful dancing career is working independently as a dancing trainer with 1000 children and couples to give them all I ever learned in my years of a dancer. I already train a lot of people and especially children and I love it.

Reporter: Do you think its important to take some supplements to achieve for example better results?

Veronika: Definitely yes. Nowadays there are so many products with chemicals which don’t give the human the important nutrients they need to live a healthy life. Important to mention is it should not be some kind of doping, it should be healthy for the body and soul and it should not contain harmful consequences. Following these points its of course a good possibility to prepare the dancer for an important competition / training.

Veronika: I wish all sportsmen in the world all the best for the future and the most important is believing in that what you do and especially believing in yourself.

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