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Even without your DNA analysis, you get free access to our online portal. What does that mean for you?

Our online portal allows you to calculate the necessary, daily kcal free of charge to reach your desired weight.

In addition, after calculation of kcal, many recipes are made available for you to prepare with precisely explained ingredients.

You can create any number of menu plans for free, whether for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner.

Your weekly training and the kcal consumed as a result can also be recorded and automatically included in your general daily rate.

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight, everything is created mechanically and individually for you with just one click.

You can also customize any of the proposed recipes by yourself or choose directly what you do not like or do not want to eat. Before you log in, you will find a short video that will help you to get started on our portal.

As already mentioned, the online portal is free for everyone.

However, if you have previously taken a DNA test, you will already get all the perfect scores that have been matched to your genes, and then you'll just have to enter them. All recipes are created mechanically according to your genome and thus your success would be achieved many times faster.