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Benefits and Disadvantages of vegan diet.

Benefits of vegan diet!

As the subject of veganism is gaining more and more ground in the world, we would like to explain the benefits of vegan nutrition today.

1. Meat makes you tired and sluggish⠀

Alone the renunciation of meat and sausage had already triggered this positive effect.
The body just is not that busy with digestion anymore.
Furthermore, you would like variety and become more and more creative, as far as your own meals are concerned.

2. Losing weight made easy

Those who eat a healthy vegan can eat significantly more in terms of quantities.

Disadvantages of vegan diet!

The disadvantages of vegan diets are primarily a lack of important minerals and proteins.
For many years practiced veganism is often a deficiency of vitamin B2, D and / or B12.
Other disadvantages of vegan diet include that not all populations are equally well suited to eat only plant-based.
Old people, infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers are susceptible to physical nutritional deficiencies in vegan diets.

Decide for yourself how vegan you want to be.