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Do you want to live a long, healthy and happy life? Do something for yourself.

Diet is the most important thing for your body, it just has to be the right one.

Our bodies are extremely strong: even if we don’t pay attention to it in many years and make it work very hard - it still works. You can say, that it runs and runs and runs. But that doesn’t mean that in that mechanism sand can’t appear. In other words, our organism, which survives, cannot be healthy for a long period of time.

Too much sugar, fat food and no vitamins - all this can show in a few years. But still, wise people say: a human is what he eats. The quality of food that we consume in the end show the quality of our organism’s functionality. Eating too little also can harm your body, as much as eating unhealthy.

Also nicotine, fat and no fitness are very bad for your organism. The good news are that you can positively change all of those factors.

We can not only reduce the risk, we can extend our senior years:

retaining this, we can enlarge cell division. This will let our organism update. Cells die and change to new ones - that is a natural life cycle