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Gene analysis by saliva sample.

It is embedded in the genes with which achievements and activities your body can achieve the maximum success. Power Shape analyzes your genes and provides you with the answer on the basis of whether power sports or endurance sports are more suitable for you.
You will receive a set for a sample of saliva. After submitting the application, a personal analysis will be provided as a PDF file.

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Certain genetic variations control the structure of your body and therefore have a significant impact on the strength and endurance performance of your muscle cells. For example, some people have cells that, due to their genetic predisposition, are optimally suited to react quickly and generate high forces (large and thick cells). Others, on the other hand, have muscle cells that are weaker and slower, but are better supplied with blood because of their size, and are therefore ideal for endurance sports.

Scope of Services
• Sports nutrition plan of 60+ pages;
• Analysis of 52+ gene variations;
• Analysis of genetic predisposition for endurance sports and strength sports;
• Influence on 20 metabolic problems;
• Rating of 1,000 foods according to the genes;
• Identification of your individual need for 20+ vitamins and minerals;
• Evaluation of unhealthy foods resulting in low performance;

Additional Information:
Three to five days after receipt of your order, you will receive your kit with instructions that will help you complete all necessary steps.
After you have done everything, send this set, with sufficient franking, to the indicated address. In two to seven weeks you will be given a personal analysis in the form of a PDF file.